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Armstrong Flutes

With superb response, unsurpassed projection and almost effortless dynamic flexibility, Armstrong flutes offer a broad spectrum of tonal colors. State of the art technology enhances the skill of Armstrong craftsmen.

Adjustment screws are now underneath the key rods for protected adjustment and enhanced beauty. The new three piece rib design minimizes rib surface while maintaining flute wall integrity. With the raising of modern pitch standards, other manufacturers have simply shortened their headjoints, resulting in major intonation errors throughout the scale. Flutes built at Armstrong enjoy the foresight of engineers who redesigned the entire instrument to play in tune with itself!

Armstrong Flutes
103B Flute
Silver plated, standard .016" headjoint, open hole, low B.


303B Flute
Sterling silver head, .014" headjoint, open hole, low B.
80B Flute
Sterling silver head, body, and foot, .014" headjoint, open hole,
low B


701 Alto Flute
Silver plated in G, curved and straight heads, Great student alto flute!

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