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The Signature, Selmer's premier clarinet, possesses a uniquely compact, centered and focused voice. The softest pianissimo can be produced almost effortlessly and maintains a uniform, homogeneous sound over the entire range and all dynamic levels.

Accurate intonation, particularly the treacherous throat E to high B and throat F to high C intervals, results from detailed bore proportions, precise reaming, and exact tone hole size, position, and undercutting.

The Signature's modern, streamline design contributes to its quick response. Steel rings mounted on half of the thickness of the tenons ensure the wood stays in contact from barrel to upper and lower joints.

All Signature clarinets come with two barrels as well as a left hand Eb designed to be easily removed, and a French style deluxe leather covered case

B-16 Signature Bb Clarinets


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