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The Resona Flute will inspire you, enhance your performance, and lead to your sucess.

                         Resona by Burkart - Flutes and Piccolos 

For more than 25 years Burkart Flutes has delighted professional players with our premier level of instruments.  The Resona flute, designed by Burkart, delivers high quality and value to the advancing player.

Great Sound

  • Solid sterling silver USA hand made headjoint
  • Solid sterling silver USA hand crafted body,
    ribs, posts, rings
  • Contemporary microfiber pads enhance resonance

Feels Good

  • Keywork is designed by Burkart for comfort everywhere
  • Gold springs provide even key action which
    improves technique


  • Attractive!  The Resona flute provides great value for its price.
  •  (for PICCOLOS - Scroll below!)

Resona Flutes
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Resona Piccolo
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Resona by Burkart - Flutes

All Resona Flutes feature:
• Hand-Cut Resona by Burkart headjoint
• Gold Springs
• Burkart professional A=442 scale
• Microfiber Pisoni pads
• Silver-plated keys
• Drawn tone holes
• French-style pointed arms
• Velvet lined professional case with cover
• Inline-G or Offset-G key
• Split-E mechanism available on offset-G 


Resona R300 Flute
• .018 Heavywall Sterling Silver body tubing 
• .016 Sterling Silver headjoint tubing
• C# trill key option available on R300 flutes
• Open holes, B footjoint with gizmo key
• Finished and tested by the flute makers at the Burkart workshop
               • Split E mechanism, please add $102.00
               • C# trill key option, please add $102.00


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by Burkart - Piccolo      

Resona Piccolo is made of grenadilla wood with the Burkart scale, delivering an exceptional piccolo value. The tone hole shaping and venting are designed for ease of play. This instrument delivers the reliability and reputation of the Resona family of instruments.  

The Resona piccolo was formerly the Global piccolo by Burkart & Phelen.

Great Sound

  • USA hand made headjoint
  • Solid grenadilla wood USA body, with solid silver tenon & rings.

Feels Good

  • Keywork is designed by Burkart for comfort everywhere
  • 10 K Gold springs provide even key action which improves technique

Easy to Play in Tune

  • Burkart Professional Piccolo scale

All Resona Piccolos have

  • Grenadilla Wood
  • Felt Pads
  • Silver Plated Mechanism
  • Gold Springs
  • Split-E
  • A=442
  • Velvet Lined Professional case with Cover
  • 3 Styles of Headjoint


The Standard headjoint is based on the classic cut found in early French and German piccolos. The tone it produces is very focused and sweet. For players using a small aperture when playing, it will have a stable, clear tone.

The Wave headjoint is carved with a slightly higher front wall (the blowing edge) and lower back wall against which the chin rests. It produces a very rich, clean, projecting tone, with easy control of dynamics.

The Solid Silver headjoint offers the security of a lip plate, which can afford the occasional piccolo player the ease and comfort to master the piccolo. This embouchure supports a very easy high and low register.

Resona Piccolo
Grenadilla wood handcut headjoint, grenadilla wood body, silver plated keys, split E mechanism, white gold springs, Burkart scale.
               Wave Headjoint or Sterling Silver Headjoint, please add $106.00

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