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Unlike any other, the saxon region of the Vogtland looks back on over 100 years of tradition in the development and manufacturing of wind instruments. The first German saxophone was built in 1901 in Markneukirchen, and by the 1920's, they were being sold all over the world. During the times of the old Easy Germany (GDR), the majority of the Vogtland saxophone manufacturers were brought together to form the VEB Blechblas (Brass Blow) - und Signal - Instrumenten - Fabrik. Today, this tradition lies in the hands of Vogtlandische Musikinstrumentenfabrik GmbH, who as well as continuing the handcraft traditions, also works towards developing new and innovative ideas together with leading saxophone players and specialists from around the world, including Wolf Codera and Dave Guardala.

B&S Series 1000 Saxophones are impressive with its traditional manufacturing and hand crafted production processes. The posts are singularly soldered onto the body of the saxophone, giving an easy response and a superior sound that can only be achieved through this method of production. B&S series 1000 saxophones are available in a variety of finishes (gold lacquer, silverplate, black nickel and sand finish) giving a wide range of sounds available to players, and every instrument is carefully hand crafted and comes complete with hand engraving on the bell
Series 1000 Alto Saxophones in Gold Lacquer

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Series 1000 Tenor Saxophones in Gold Lacquer

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B&S Series 2001 Saxophones provide players from every field with a rich and open sound, due to its hand crafted production and high quality manufacturing. Posts are soldered on to a fully ribbed body. The 2001 saxophone includes added features, allowing the player greater facility and ease around the instrument. A spring controlled G# bridge allows the G# key to operate smoothly and effectively without sticking, and the F, E, and D keys are fully adjustable. Adjustable palm keys are standard. Solid silver necks are available at a slightly higher cost. The bell, bow, and body are also available in solid silver sterling as options.
Series 2001 Alto Saxophones in Black Nickel or Sand finishes

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Series 2001 Tenor Saxophones in Black Nickel or Sand finishes

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